Tuesday, February 5, 2013


What I have I been up to this week- Well alot! Some Valentines Day, Haloween, Christmas and ultra girly and baby boy. You can see tid bits of this all over my desk, I've been a bit scattered and my Mojo has taken me in all sorts of directions over the last few days. I'm just going with it this week. Some of these have been completed- link below and more to come later this week! So check back often.

There's not a ton to say about this picture. There's just some stuff everywhere as I'd create something, move it to the side and move on right away- my mind has just been going like crazy with fun ideas of things to create and alter.  If I wasn't so anti drugs even I'd swear I had been on something for how insane this last week has been. I've been putting finishing touches on things and creating all new items- alot of these items I'm currently working on and just for showcasing tutorials on my blog and will be given to people to use at silent auction and maybe my Etsy shop if they stick around that long. At any given point there's about 6 months from the making of to something actually being put in the shop. 

I gotta say i love working in chaos sometimes. Because I have all of this motivation around me. For instance I may be working on something and notice the bits and pieces from other projects that i can use. Love it! My latest adventure has been pulling papers that I've had for over 3 years and putting them to use. 

Another Banner- I finally got it all finished form last week! Showcasing it this week, as well as some mini magnetic clipboards. 

Yep, Halloween!- Don't judge me! Or do, I don't mind, but seeing this it shouldn't surprise you I'm also working on a Christmas banner as well- to be showcased when I finish it up this week. 

I did a little experiment this week- combining paint with embossing powder and then painting it onto canvas and then head embossing. Results to come later!

I'm Playing along at Stamping Ground this morning- want to play too? Come on Over!


  1. I so know the feeling. Each time I sit in my seat to create I think of 100 things at once and with little space as you'll see I can't seem to finish one. Good luck on your multitask journey. Tamika #125

  2. Oh, what a lot you have to play with....! Have a good day. Helen, 14

  3. My desk space looks similar except that on mine you can see far less desk and much more stuff! LOL!

  4. wow you have been so busy with some really lovely projects, sometimes it does us good to flit from one to the other and back again.
    I will be back to see them all being finished
    Happy WOYWW
    Ria #75

  5. Results to come later............ I need to know did it work!!!!!!
    You have been busy lovely pictures thanks
    Jackie 11

  6. You have been busy... I have to say I'm jealous of that new table of yours. I really like it if I had a big table space. I would probably be leaving art stuff on there all the time.


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