Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Primitive Canvas and Burlap Flowers

It's been crazy lately with the late snow we received last weekend. Luckily I dis-batch snow crews and knew snow was coming so I brought along some supplies with me to work on some things. So when you see the pictures on my office desk you can understand why. haha

I'm pretty in love with these primitive little flowers. Their ubber simple and can be customized to be any colors your heart desires. You know you can mist burlap as well right?!?! I decided to make a little photo tutorial to show you just how stinking easy they are to make. Now keep in mind the steps you do here with the canvas are going to be the same things you'll want to do with the burlap. 

burlap flowers

First you will need to cut your canvas into strips. As you can see from my picture I had strips of all sorts of different sizes. Any size will do depending on the desired look of the flower. 

Then begin to over lay the strips as seen above. Glue them at the center. 

Now overlap those two sections. You can use just 8 pieces to get this look or more to get a fuller look. It's all up to you and how full you wish for the flowers to be. 

Now I did this my own way, but there's alot of way you can do this. I took one flower and put it in the bowl, spritzed it with some water, then added another flower, sprayed it with water and so on. The canvas will naturally curl up on you. I love this affect. 

Now ball them up. You have two choices now. You can allow them to dry balled up on their own or take your heat gun to them to speed it up. The great part is as they dry they do become stiffer as well. 

As you unball them they will have this natural tattered affect to it. I love it! Now if you wanted to add some mists to color then, now is when you want to do that.

That's all it takes, then do the same with the burlap pieces. I then used jute to create flower centers.


  1. I'm not much of one for burlap but when you use it to make flowers they are very rusticly pretty. :-)

  2. These are fantastic, Lori!! You're right -- too simple. Love the tattered look very much. Thank you!

  3. Lacey - I am so sorry. :-( Got sidetracked and my mind went awol there. Please forgive! :-/

    1. No problem. I understand. Was rather confused there for a second but the second comment cleared it up.

  4. Your flowers look great will have to try those, thanks for sharing..
    Sandy :)

  5. These are too stinking cute! Thank you for sharing how you did them. I love it! What a wonderful addition to any crafting project.


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