About Craft Donkey

A little back story here for you: I often get asked what is a Craft Donkey and where did it come from. Well, there's quite a few reasons.. but I'll explain a few of them. First and foremost.. I'm a stubborn ass! LOL I know it though, so its okay. I don't quit at anything! If I see it I will attempt to create it.. over and over until I get it right! 

Now, the actual donkey mascot... that is a wooden donkey I rec. as a gift. After seeing the movie "Couples Retreat" I adored the end of the movie.. where he was handed a wooden ass and told to be an ass for his family and friends... lol.. it turned into a bit of an obsession to find just the right wooden donkey! Insane I know! But, that's me! Soooo, I rec. the perfect donkey as a gift and then my best friend did some photo shop work on it.. to make it a craft donkey! And well, since I very well couldn't call it Craft Ass, I went with donkey. haha

I am a single mom of two kiddos and two furry ones. I've been in a relationship with a great man for 4 years who's definitely inspired me in many areas. My son is 13 and my daughter is 7! Also have a 2 yr old Rot, and 13 year old lab. I am from North Carolina. I live in Kansas, where it may not be very exciting but there's always something to do. I have loved crafting since that first page kit I purchased in Walmart when I was 18! Now I'm rather obsessed.  I love to come up with new things to play with. Love discovering new techniques and easier ways to do things. My goal is to bring you fun new techniques and way of crafting. Super simple and super fast. I know we all have lives and while scrapbooking and crafting is a large part of my life... it's not all there is. I offer monthly and sometimes even weekly giveaway! Have a question?? Ask away.. and be sure to tell your friends!