Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Canvas Painting Tutorial

So the other day I gave a glimpse into the canvas pieces i was working on here: Canvas Paintings

I had originally thought that I might have a picture of at least them on the wall. However, life being what it is, when I took these to my friend, I FORGOT one!! Therefore he's waiting to hang them to make sure they "look" the way he wants until I get the last one to him. I'm such a forgetful one sometimes. 

So, I decided to go ahead and show some of the ones I do have here as well as some of the things I used and tips on using stencils and texture on canvas pieces. All of the pictures are pretty self explanatory, I'm just more so talking you through how I did it. 

Okay, my first tip will be to use masking tape or painters tape to assist you in holding down the stencil in the desired areas you want to apply the medium. Also don't be upset if some of it gets under the stencil, just makes your project that much more unique and if you really don't like it, have a wet warm water brush there and use it to "trim" the areas that it smudged. Also keep in mind you can use just about anything to apply texture to a canvas, the ones I show above are just a few, I used 4-5 different mediums here.  however don't be afraid to try other things, like tissue paper! That adds great texture. 

I did alot of stencil work here and then I did some canvas's that just had random texture paste rubbed on them. 

I also did some misting with stencils in darker colors. These just barely peaked through the paints. Love the affect. 

On this one and the one above, I painted over the stencils in a good layer, allowed it to "semi-dry" and then took a baby wipe to the center to add a faded look to it. Love the affect. 

I do love these pieces. If you have any further questions I didn't answer feel free to ask. Thanks. 

It's snowing here today in Kansas, hoping we get buried in it, needed the moisture so bad and not having had snow in almost 2 winters here at all. 


  1. I just found your blog and I love your work! May I ask what stencils you used? Also I really like your worktop. How did you create that wonderful look?

    1. Thanks! here is a link to all of the details about my desk and room that i recently finished :

      Also as far as the stencils: are from The Crafters Workshop here is the diamond one

      feel free to ask if you have any other questions! thanks for stopping by!

  2. I really like the last one the red canvas. You did a nice job on all of them.


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