Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mini Girly Valentines Mailbox

Okay, let me start by saying I'm in love with this! Not because of how cute it turned out or anything but, because it cost me literally about $3!! That's it! The mail box was $1 at target in the Dollar Bins, and then I used 1 doubled sided piece of paper that was about lets say 80 cents and then a little bling. How cute would these be for an entire class?!?! I mean at 3 bucks a piece that's pretty darn nifty! Okay that's all I have to say about that. This is rather simple tutorial. 

First take the edges off, sand the areas lightly where you will be adhering paper- this helps the glue bond more. I used Helmar 450 cause I know it'll stick anything to anything. Then measure the length of your mail box and cut it and begin adhering on. 

Then so the end cap pieces. My mailbox had 2 end caps that came off. 

I added a bit of Prima Black rhinestone bling swirl to it for a a bit more of texture.

I then added a little bling crown to the end cap. I think it compliments it well. 

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