Thursday, January 31, 2013

What ink is used for what?

I've had quite a few people in m time of teaching ask me this very question. So how do I know what all the different types of ink are used for or best suited for. Do you know this about your own products? While stumbling along the net today I happened to see if I could come up with a single post to explain it to maybe some newbie crafters or even seasoned crafters who may still have no clue. 

I stumbled upon this great website that explains what each ink is best used for, so I thought I would just share it with everyone, not just those who've asked me. I mean I explain it the best I can but never remember all of the ink types when someone asks me something about them. 

what are different inks used for.

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  1. Very interesting posted on the different types of ink pads. Nice to know what most do. I was looking at different type of ink pads some I was like ok what does this do or that, lol. Still a little bit new but getting hang of all different stuff and artmedia that comes with scrapbooking. Evem artjournaling too.


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