Monday, February 27, 2012

Where I've Been....

So, after a cute comment on today's Motivation Monday from Kory. I thought I'd share another "Craft Donkey" moment. Now those of you who know me know I'm wired like none other. Always singing, dancing and bouncing around. Along with this great amount of energy I have, (I'm often compared to a bouncy ball or 5 year old), I also have those moment of WTF WAS I THINKING! If you've followed me you've read some of them. Like the wrong car ordeal can be found here:

Okay, so moving on, we all know I'm a bit spastic and sometimes with that spastic artist thing I get a bit.. um spacey. Yes spacey is a good word for it. So, I had Friday off of work as I'll be working this weekend for a garden show we're having here in town... yay me. No really I'm quite excited about this. I was asked to be there and it's a great honor.

Anyways, we'll see if I can stay on track here. This weekend was lovely here. I went around opening window in my house. Now anyone with a slightly older house knows that sometimes u have to give the window pane a little bump to get it to open. Right?................Right. So, I was going around giving them a little bump opening them up... can you see where this is going????

I get to the last window the one above the kitchen sink. I give it a tap, and it doesn't pop open so I give it another but this time.. I miss the window wooden piece and put my frickin wrist followed by the entire hand THROUGH THE FRICKIN WINDOW!!! I kid you not this crap happens to me all the time, well not with a window but this sorta stuff. I was ubber lucky I didn't cut my wrist! I had swelling for about 2 days where your veins are along the inside of your wrist but it has went down a bit and now doing okay. And serious I must have just hit it just right because I'm telling you I didn't ninja wack it. Just a little bump on the wood to get it to loosen.

So, after the initial shock was over..... here's the kicker...... I pulled the blinds all the way up to begin cleaning up all of the glass.  And this is the part if you weren't laughin already at my mighty ninja strength you will be now!

THE DAMN WINDOW WAS LOCKED!!!!!!! No wonder it didn't loosen open for me! Story of my life I tell you. Anywho, I laid low crafting letting my wrist heal up a bit from the swelling and specks of glass that had got minimal damage to the wrist.

This would be also why there was no class on Friday! lol I'll do it this Thursday night. Going to play with how to make a bare album, with fun things like craft paper, parchment paper and so forth!

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