Friday, February 10, 2012

OT For A Good Laugh!

So, I just had to share this with everyone. If your having a bad day or need a laugh or whatever it may be. This morning I didn't want to move from bed. We got a dusting of snow last night and it just felt like one of those sleep in mornings! But, I got up and made it work. Just to give you my mindset.

I stopped by Walgreens on the way to work to grab some sinus stuff, because I've been a little stuffy. I spent a bit in the store talking to a girl I know there. I come out gandering at my receipt and some survey they want you to take. I open a car door, get in, put on seat belt, put my stuff down in passenger seat, and go to look for me keys. I then smell smoke, I look around trying to see if there's someone near by smoking or what the deal is, I look in the floorboard of the passenger seat and see about 12 packs of cig. sitting down there, and first I'm thinking what the heck.................then............................ PANIC MODE SETS IN, I look around more, noticing so much in there isn't mine........................


Looks like mine, dodge stratus in silver. BUT ITS NOT MINE> NOT AT ALL

I fight the seat belt to get out as fast as I can, grab my bag and bolt to MY REAL CAR. Hoping the owner doesn't come out and say WTF who is in my car, or hoping no one sees me getting out of the car and getting into another car thinking I'm robbing them or something!!!

This my friends is the things nightmares are made from. I felt like that commercial where the lady is walking around to cars and her clicker isn't working to unlock it, she looks at her husband and says why isn't this working and he informs her they drive a station wagon!

Anyways, throught this might serve as a nice Friday laugh for you all. lol


  1. hahaha, this was hiliarious!!!! Gave me a great laugh. Have a good weekend!!

  2. ROFL!!!! Been several times I have headed to the wrong vehicle, but I have never crawled in Thanks for the laugh!!

  3. hahaha Oh my gosh... Thanks for the laugh. Good thing they didn't come out!
    Hugs Lynn


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