Monday, February 27, 2012

Motivation Monday: Playing With Canvas

So, I mentioned last week I have been playing with some canvas pieces for one of our rooms. I've never done a canvas before and find it somewhat nerve racking to be honest with you. I mean it's in my house........... as decor. The great that about "art" is it's subjective to the person viewing it. We could both look at an amazing painting done by someone completely famous, I could hate it and you could see something in it you love. Like I said beauty is truly in the eye of the one looking at it. Okay, I changed that a bit, but oh well. So, I began this canvas project thinking I'd just mess around with 3 12x12 canvas pieces that I got on an awesome clearance. I t all began while looking at some pieces at Target and thinking, geesh really 60 bucks! I could do that for so much cheaper. If only I don't let it get into my head that people will be judging it. HAHAHAHA who am I kidding if you know me you know I don't give a crap what anyone thinks. lol In fact I got done with these and looked at them and tld my boyfriend I might just take some black india ink and flick it and drop little droplets on it. He laughed and said no. But that's just how I think. So, here's the pictures of it step by step. I added lots of fun texture to the canvas to give it some depth when it was looked at. I definately learned alot of what I do want to do to more in the future and what I don't want to do. Thanks for looking. And as always comments are always enjoyed. I even love those that say somethign isn't to their liking but that I did did well.

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Trying out colors to see what I liked and the order they looked well in. I used 2-3 tones on each color to give it more depth.


  1. those look great- love all the texture

    I'm glad you're back, I was about to send out a search party!


  2. Awesome!! I have to tell you my experience with this ...

    When we moved into our house, we bought lots of new stuff, none of which was 'decor'. I got an idea from Trading Spaces and bought a 2-pack of canvases from Michaels. I made a mondrian-ish pattern with leftover painters tape, then used our 4 wall colors for the house to fill in the squares. It matched perfectly, and was .... um, interesting. I guess. :) I got a lot of "oh, you made those yourself?" comments. After a couple of months, I ditched them, LOL.

    Fast forward 5 years, and I found them in the top of the hall closet one day. I'd just gotten my Silhouette, and we'd already re-decorated. So, I got out the new wall color (gray), painted the entire canvases a couple of times. I cut a large chandilier shape with my Silhouette, and used it as a mask. I then painted over the whole thing again with some glossy black acrylic paint. When I pulled the chandilier shape off, it looked pretty cool. I added some hot pink accent swirls in the corner, and it's hung by my front door/dining room. I get lots of compliments now. Instead of a "ooooh, you made that?" it's more of a "can you show ME how?"

    I also made a couple of really small canvases for my scrapbook room. I absolutely LOVE the idea of creating your own art. These are awesome!!! :)

  3. Thanks tanya!

    And Kory i just posted where I've been post, go and read it, it's good for a nice laugh!


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