Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday Chit Chat

I want to talk to you all about something today................................ it's kind of an important discussion I feel as partners in this big virtual world we should discuss. We should be open and honest about it, hold nothing back....

Do you now have an image in your head of being in 9th grade health class and me holding a banana in my hands, getting ready to have a convo you'd later wish you never had to experience?????? hee hee

Have no fear it's nothing of the sort.

I need your options. I've posted a discussion before concerning which people like more picture or video tutorials and so forth and got some amazing feedback. So, I thought I'd bring another topic up for discussion that I'm interested in hearing opinions on.

Pictures. We all loves pictures. Whether their showing a fun projects, simple card or a full blown tutorial. We love them. My question to you is rather simple. Do you like posts that have alot of details and how to pictures? Or does it slow down your computer or what not. I have quite fast Internet and it never occurs to me not to put alot of pictures that are relatively important to show detail or the process of things. I know I post alot and large pictures, but does it really matter to you? Would it matter if there were less or if they were smaller? Does it make the page load any faster, (if you've noticed form my blog in comparison to others.)

Basically, what I'm asking is does it matter to you? I always try to post big pictures and as many pertain to showing what I feel people would like to see. But is that what you prefer? Also, if it nice or does it even matter to state in the title when something is a heavy photo post? Let's hear some opinions people. BEcause as always I'm a curious one and always want my blog to be most importantly user friendly to those who look at it on a computer, i-pad, nook, phone or whatever else you fancy people look at it on. hee hee (says the girl who has yet to get a cell phone.. hate those damn things and what they do to people.) Well that's a whole other post about me ranting about rude people and their phones and poor driving while using them... oppps there I go.. like I said staying off that topic.

I just use a lap top and or desk top, so I'm interested to hear what you all have to say concerning the above mentioned things, so spill it. Like it how it is and it works for you, or would prefer smaller or less photos? Share away!

Ohhhhh, and while on the topic of making blogs user friendly and fun for all, I'd love to hear everyone's biggest pet peeves when it comes to a blog. (yes even if I do it on mine), what really gets under your skin or drives you bonkers!


  1. I really like your how-to pictures! I'm often looking at blogs when I have down time at work, or at lunch, and our Internet Police don't let many videos through the firewall (or whatever that terminology is, lol). Anyway, I love pics!

    If I had to find any negative on your blog, your music scared the crap out of me the first time I visited! LOL :D

  2. hahaha it scared you?!?! LMAO. I have that moment sometimes to when on a blog and I don't relaize they have a music player and all of a sudden I just hear music, my first impression is I've finally went bat shit crazy. lol

  3. I personally love pictures and i love videos.. so whichever is easier. I love your blog. I can hear you talk as i read. LOL
    ps.. the kids wanna play i was told....


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