Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 Art Journal

So, I posted the other day that nifty 7-Gypsies album I altered and that I had decided it would be a year in review type of album. I was totally motivated for this album by this blog I happened upon. It's called A year in the life of an art journal. Now I play in an art journal regularly but rarely ever share it. However, this "take" on an art journal I love. Rachel gives you prompts. Prompts to use all 3 or only one, it's up to you twice a month! I've decided to commit and participate. This post is showcasing my first page using the prompts. You can find this blog on the sidebar of my blog or HERE .

Okay moving on. Here is the inside cover of that album and the front that weren't completed when I last posted. You can find the first post about this album HERE. Following the album pictures are the pictures of the first journaling page I created. The prompt was to use a word, a single word for your year. Then to use imagery and some paint! With a word, some paint and watercoloring with gelatos and some image transfering of book text and then some book text used directly. 

 I choose the word RELAX, followed my an explanation of working on NOT working on being perfect. I struggle with this greatly, everyday! I want perfection and often run myself into the ground trying to attain, MY IMAGE of perfection. That's the tough part, it's no one expecting it from me, but me. Which is hard, if it was someone else demanding it, I could just not care, haha.  I decided to let this journal be a naked journal, meaning, I plan to let it all out. I choose to do this page to really show the letting go feeling I want to embrace. With all of it's inperfection, which I can't wait to embrace more in my day to day life. I just need to "relax" this year and not worry so much about perfection. Anywho, here is my first page of the year.

Do you want to participate in this great motivational challenge? Check out the details here:


  1. What an interesting journal, with the coils down both sides like that. Cool! I hope you have a very relaxing year. My word for the year is Strive.

  2. Awesome! Great word and I love the sparkly!


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