Friday, February 3, 2012

February Giveaways!!!! The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Okay, so in honor of the month all about love. I thought I'd show some love to all of you wonderful ladies that follow me. Frickin exciting right!?!?! Right! If you're not you will be soon! I'd love to gain another 29 followers, one per day this month!! That's not too hard right, just share wherever you like, send your craft friends over.

 I've been blessed with some amazing winnings  from other blogs and companies and cleaning out of my own stash and could think of nothing better than to share it.  Please remember you must be a follower of the blog so, I can click on your name in the comments section and match them with you being a follower.  As if you have a crafting blog as well, I'd love to also be able to find and follow you!

So throughout the month I have some amazing things to give away. There are of course a few catches!

Below is a list of each way you can be entered to win. There will be more than one giveaway and lots of ways to win yourself some goodies. The more participation, the more entries you get into the BIG drawing.

HOW DO YOU WIN GOODIES and what goodies you win!

1. Link your pictures of your scrap space on the left hand side of the sidebar here! Now while talking with an online friend she's gasped "I don't want people to see what a mess it is!" Have no fear. the giveaways this month are all about embracing the good, the bad and the ugly. Which means I want to see the prettiest and the most unorganized spaces you have!!! I want to see where you scrap, no matter how ugly or bad or cluttered to hell it may be. I dont care if you scrap in a closet, on a table or in a room, show me!

 I've shared many times with you all how bad off my space can get! Let me see it! Show all those wonderful crafters their not the only one with a messy room! I also want to see the pretty rooms, the women who have the room of every ones or just their dreams! Submit your photos on the left hand side of the blog, super easy to load them there.  All rooms and blogs will be shared throughout the month. Which is great exposure for your blog! I'll pick one winner between the WORST AND BEST rooms and they will win...............

A BRAND NEW 36 INCH CLIP IT UP RIBBON ORGANIZER!!!!!!!  How flippin cool is that!

2.  Follow the blog, write a post on your blog about the giveaways, post my blinkie on your blog, tell your friends about the giveaways, share on facebook, pin it to pinterest and follow me on pinterest under craft donkey, post to  twitter or follow me under sayitsbyu and anywhere else you can think of. When your friends come over and join the fun, have them reference you. For each new follower you sent over, you'll receive an additional entry!!!  The person/business/blog that recruits the most new followers will receive...............

 A $25.00 gift card to Hobby Lobby or Michaels. It's your choice!

3. Be a follower (not just via emails) Comment below and tell me what you'd most like to win from these goodies and what you would do with them!!! Easy enough right. Below is only a portion of what you will recieve.

here is some of the loot of the large lot!

*******I will then draw a name at random from all the names who were entered from any of the above options to win a LARGE LOT of scrappin goodies! To include but not limited to: (I'm still putting together this all and will post a pic this weekend!)

A. One 'naked gypsy' albums - each measures measures approx 6.5" x 10.75" - 'naked journal' by 7 Gypsies...spiral bound, each contains 20 pages, also one 7-gypsies envelope album and super mini album. That's 3 ALBUMS!

B. 1 spiral bound pads of 'Paper Girl' stickers from the 'The Girls' Paperie' line. Each contain 952 stickers including 3 sheets of 'block alpha' (similar to stencils), 1 sheet newsprint alpha, 1 sheet border stickers, and 2 sheets word stickers. Each pad measures 6" x 13".

C. 1    7-Gypsies Match Box includes 1 box, 1 cover, 12 cards you assemble. (Match box are perfect size for storage and gift boxes. This one holds 12 Artist Trading Cards. Use them for trade, as a gift or keep them all for yourself.
Decorate as desired.)

D. Suprise Item!!

E.  4 Helmar USA Adhesives! If you are following my blog you know I'm obsessed about this glue.. amazing!!!! If your new and haven't heard of them, once you try them you'll never go back! I promise!

F. 5 New in package surprise Jolees dimensional stickers.

G. Vintage grab bag: a bag packed full of amazing vintage book pages, music sheets, and wonderful this and that tid bits to add to your pages!

H.  4 packages of American Crafts Thickers!

I.  4 packages of Prima flowers

J. 1 K&Company Smash Book

L. Tim Holtz grab bag of goodies including but not limited to glassine, grungboard, charms, clasps, corners charms and so much more, Tattered angel's cards

Okay so now your excited right?? Start sharing the great news! So many ways to win! Get out there and share this news! Be sure to post a comment/link when you have posted to your blog or facebook or any other forums.


  1. you may be sorry you asked me for my room - will be sending LOTS of pics LOL Doris

  2. shared on FB!! Doris

  3. This is so generous of you. Wow! I would love any of these prizes. I would be happy with any of them. Could always use it with my girl scouts.

  4. I ain't no lady, but I wanna play! As soon as I can figure out how to link a pic of my trashed out space!

    Love your blog!

    -Kory K

  5. Kory, it's rather easy. Either email the pictures of your space titled Blog spaces, or at the very end of this post there's a place that says link to post. There you can add in the link to your scrap space. So, if you create a post about your space then just copy that site address and use it to link to this post. And you always more than welcome to email them to me at Thanks for stoping by!

  6. Hi honey!! Thanks for following my blog! I am now a follower of yours too! Awesome blogs and giveaways! I'll post my place tonight!

  7. Oh dear, i can not believe how generous you are !! This is a really awesome giveaway i must say :) Anyways, IF i can bring myself to come clean about my (craft)mess, [pun intended ;)] then i will post a pic, but i am afraid !!! Good grief, i am really a beetle on a dunghill, hahahaha. Ttfn, thank you again :) Following you btw ;) Hugglez !

  8. Hey Lynne! Great giveaway! You know me...I want the I love doing ATC's and most of this would be perfect!

  9. I advertised your give-away on Pinterest!

  10. Great Giveaways! I will post on pinterest!

  11. I'd love to win any of it! I couldn't possibly choose what item is best :) I would use them to scrap of course!
    I am a follower via GFC and RSS.

  12. This is awesome! :) I will have to share this on my blog!

  13. I actually have two posts on my blog about my scrapbook room ... an original and the update. I tried to link my pic on the left and got an error message. I'll check back to make sure it get's linked, I'd love to win any of these fabulous prizes! :)

  14. Sorry for clogging up all your comments!!! :)
    I have a link to your blog in my post scheduled for tomorrow. :) And apparently, the picture of my scrapbook room isn't working. I'm going to email it to you, I hope that is OK.

  15. Tanya no problem at all. The link it sowrking for some reasont he picture isn't appearing on the side bar but the link does work to your blog post about your room. You can of course email them to me if you like. But I checked and the link is working.

  16. following now, via google and email so I don't miss a thing! popped picture on sidebar too

  17. I am now following you I so love the box of goodies the last one I hope that I can get a picture where it is that I am to do so
    Anyway love your work and your blog

  18. I shared on my blog not much of one but I don't know how to post a picture.

    I am also following you on here of course and Pinterest



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