Monday, January 23, 2012

Ohhh Cards

Haven't been doing too many cards lately. As there's been no one at work to make them for with them layed off for the winter.

However, this week I got to make one for a woman's birthday and one for a males anniversary. I was happy to have something to do to be honest. Here they are.

Oh, I know we all share our love with our young ones. Tonight my daughter joined me in scrappin, she was making a card for Eric's mom. It was very sweet, she said she's making it because she doesn't have a boyfriend. Awwwww pretty darn sweet huh? I thought so. So last on this post is a card she made, thank goodness I have time to teach her moderation! hee hee


  1. love your cards. the details to your cards don't surprise me LOL BUT they are so pretty!!! Doris

  2. LOL I love details. Even on a simple card a few small details make it worth the while to me. Thanks for looking!

  3. Lovely cards but not my style. That is what I love about the world of paper for everyone to enjoy no matter what you like to do.


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