Wednesday, January 16, 2013

MAYA Road Giveaway Winners!

So because I got soo caught up in this week at work and home.. I completely spaced NOT announcing the Maya Road Giveaway Winners from my Craft Room Reveal!!! 


Why did nobody say anything to me?!?!... cause you didn't want to be rude and pushy and then not have a chance to win?!?!?! Hmm okay good enough. So since I got a bit spacey I decided rather than 4 winners I will have 7!!! WOOT WOOT That more than makes up for my tardiness....right? Right! Congrats to all of the amazing winners and thanks for your views and comments and pass my blog along to others that may enjoy it! Now to move onto the great winners who will each rec. a fun little prize of something Maya Road!

If you name and comment are below- email me:  Subject line:I'm a Winner (because we all like positive lines) and send me your address! 

Justie said...
I really like your new craft room. The new island table you have is very cool. If I could make a craft room this would be my kind of room. I like the shelf with the jars on the bottom of it. Now that was very cool and new idea I never seen before.

SuzieQ said...
Girl, you have a lot of stuff! LOVE the birdcage!!

Jessica Baldwin said...
Your room looks really great and functional!! Your BIG table is fantastic, I picked up a couple tips I am going to add to my studio and I LOVE the gnome and penguins! :)

My Happy Place by Vanessa said...
This was a great read! I love that your scrap space is more like mine and not all those store bought white drawers from M's that cost so much. But you did with what you have! That is so cool!!! I got some great tips and new ideas so for that i thank you very much!!! Love your yard sticks! :-)

~ Vanessa Wachlin

terri foltz said...
I love your room. All that creative inspiration at your fingertips. I love the mason jar shelf. Love your desk island. What is the top made out of?? I love the look. Thank you so much for sharing!!

Gina L said...
I love that it's so eclectic and not all matchy-matchy. I see these gorgeous crafting rooms with the matching furniture, shelving, etc and it always looks so pretty but isn't me. I like a more eclectic look, as well. I like the idea of adding your rulers to the side of the table, and putting hooks in the shelving to make it even more functional. Great job!

Sophia Garza said...
Love the make over looks great. Love the thought process behind it all. I too have a little one I have to make room for. It's alway nice to take the end result into consideration when planning

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