Monday, January 14, 2013

Room Renovation Inspiration

In my post revealing my up-changed room recently I made it a point to tell you to make sure you have a realistic plan. You can find that whole post and my craft room renovation makeover pictures HERE. You have the rest of today to leave a comment to win some Maya Road goodies!

I told everyone I'd share some of my motivation for different aspects of the room. The things is, look around to find new ideas but don't get fixated on just looking and never actually doing anything. In this day and age (yes I know I sound like your grandpa), people get far to caught up in looking and never do the living part of it. So dedicate how much time your going to be inspired. Then set your plan into motion!

Here are some of the finds I "pinned" along the way of deciding things I liked and then seeing what would work specifically for me. Some aren't even craft room things, just inspirational to me.

Thanks for stopping by and if any of these inspire you as well, feel free to check them out!

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