Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas Advent Calendar Tree

I've got a bit of the Christmas bug. Like I said wanting to get stuff done early rather than waiting. While looking around my room the other day I found myself looking for something to do, knowing I wanted to do another Advent project because I don't know their just so much fun! I saw one of these trees sitting on my shelf. Bought maybe 3 years ago or so from Easter clearance stuff and decided I could definitely make it something fun! 

I adored how this project turned out and in the future could even make more as I have 2 more of these lovely Easter trees that have been waiting years to be re-purposed. 

I first pulled all of the leaves off of the tree. 

Then I took some heavy Gesso to it. Gave it a light sanding after it dried. 

Then I misted the branches a fun Olive green. A little tip when spraying something like this is to do some over a plastic page protector. It will then pool on the plastic and you can carefully pour it back into the bottle rather than have it wasted or have to use it on something right then. 

I then punched a number of circles from the "Simple Stories 25 Days of Christmas" cardstock set. Inked up the edges and added a foam thicker number to each one. 

I ran out of some 2's and 1's so I just cut some of the other letters to make them 1's and then added some matching green paint. The 22 circle here is one of the painted 2's and one of the regular. They matched pretty darn well. The 21 circle there is one of my custom cut 1's. Do whatever works folks!

I then added assorted ribbons and eyelets or brads to each one and a word number sticker. 

I cur strips of paper and mod podged them onto the base and then glittered the rim and sealed in the glitter so it won't rub off. 

I really do love this one. Super easy for any child to add the numbers and even some mini candy canes and ornaments if they like. 

Added a Fun sticker to the base and it is complete!

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