Monday, November 19, 2012

Collage Tags

I know everyone has that something special they do with scraps and bits and pieces. I for one love to collage them. I take whatever is handy, an envelope, chipboard piece or in this case a manila folder piece and just begin putting my scraps or odds and ends on it as I collect them. When it gets semi full I then do some misting, stamping, bubble wrap texture prints or whatever floats my board at the time to tie it all in together. I then give it some healthy layers of mod podge.  

This was the most recent piece that was completed and ready for something to be done with it.

For the sake of showing you how you can also just make this yourself I pulled out some "junk" goodies to show you just how easy it is. 

Gather a collection of "stuff" that you want to play with. I have boxes and boxes of scraps, empheria, and little things I've picked up here or there. I then pulled out a large envelope to play on. 

Add a little misting. 

Some stencil work. 

Do both sides. 

Layer on the "stuff". You could also do these collage tags themed. Say for Christmas, Halloween, travel etc. 

Layer stuff on the other side. 

Add a little ink and misting. 

A good healthy layer of mod podge. To each side and let dry thoroughly.

Then i ran mine through my Big Shot with a Sizzix tag die that cuts out 3 different sizes. These tags are form the manila folder collage. I added a bit of jute twine and their all done. 


Feedback is always appreciated! Let me hear what you have to say!