Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Welcome to my first WOYWW. I always think about doing these and then.. fail! I thought I'd share my work space this week. Not too much going on. Working on some backgrounds of 3 different art journal pages, broke my camera which you see already adorned with colorful duct tape... it's long gone now.. never helps when you heave it at the wall. Also out is some mediums I've been playing with and some invites I finished up for my son's upcoming birthday. 

In all honesty my whole space is a mess right now, however I'm loving it when it comes to the creativity it has been producing. Then ending picture is something I made for the guys at work. 

Do you have a link to your WOYWW? If so leave a link below so I can check it out.  I'm participating this week here:  Check it out and share there as well!


Happy Halloween!


  1. Welcome to WOYWW it is VERY addictive I can tell you. Loving your journal pages and all those washi tapes is scrumptious colours/patterns too. We tend to leave our number from when we link onto Julia's blog so people can just click on it to get to our blogs. So happy WOYWW to you from BJ @#33 Oh and you will get more comments if you take off the word verification thing. Hoping I don't mess it up so have to copy post beforehand just in case. Too much trouble usually but as it is your first time............

  2. Great thanks for the advice. I took the word verification off, we'll see if it is off for others now.

  3. Great pages!! Yummy cake! Lucky guys at work.
    Karen 107

  4. wow there is a lot going on the journal page with flowers and chain is is beautiful I dont have this creative flair to create such work and admire those who can also loving those washi tapes ...heaven . lucky work colleagues cakes look fab have a great week #77

  5. Your desk is just how I like them...busy and full of crafty goodness. I bet they liked the cakes! #25

  6. Your desk is a lot like my dad's work area down in the basement. He has a ton of different wood cutter and tools down there. My photography/art desk is not like that yet. Since I put them on top of my dresser or in art bins. Because of the small space in my room. Cake looks good. Hope your Hollween evening going well?


  7. Welcome to the gang!

    You have an amazingly busy desk with so much going on by the looks of things. Your journals look fab but those two cakes look fantastic. I bet they went down well on Wednesday evening!

    Happy Crafting!
    Sue @ 125
    Can I just say, if you turn off the word verification you’ll get more visitors because people just can’t read them. This is my forth try.

  8. Thanks! I did take them off for the day and became a bit discouraged with over 20 SPAM comments posting to older posts. I'll see if I can fig out how to make them stop yet the comments be easier.

  9. Welcome to WOYWW! You have a pegboard...I do too! :) I love it for all the options it gives you and how you can change it up, which I just did last week. Anyways, hope you enjoy being a WOYWW participant and getting around to see all the fabulous, like yours, and crazy creative spaces lovely people around the world create in. :)
    Deeyll #60


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