Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Super Simple Invites

My son's 13th birthday is soon to come. I can't believe how old he is.. and how old that makes me.... okay not really, I had him far too young for it to influence my age much at all. While I'm having a hard time not doing traditional goodie bags and and balloons and the whole sha-bang. Taylor asked me to keep the invites and party simple. I've always made the invitations for the kid's parties as well as the decor and so forth. 

This year Taylor opted for a party at the skating rink- nice and simple, no decor, just pizza cake and skating. Which I was quite happy with given I was fully expecting him to ask for a boy/girl party. While I'm totally okay with the fact that he's been attending boy/girl Halloween parties and dances- I was NOT ready to host one myself.

I kept the invites very very very simple at my son's request- which I'm telling you nearly killed me. No embossing, no distressing really not much of nada! Here's what I came up with. he was very please with how simple they were.  

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