Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Begining of Something

This page isn't finished by any mean. I started to play with some mediums and and then just went with it. I did alot of texture and layering and just a hodge podge of "stuff" Can't say where I was thinking it would go when I started or anything. This page was just down right fun of playing with random things laying around my desk. Sorry about the dates on the pictures- however ya.. I got my camera to work for about 15 seconds each time it turns on after pitching it one day in frustration. So you get what you get. I'll post more when I've updated it later this week of some of the colors I've been adding. It's worked to where I walk in and just add things or bits and pieces to it. Kind of reminds me of the contents of a child's pocket. I definitely like the direction it's going and love how I set out just to play with no real purpose behind it. 

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  1. Interesting idea I like it. Hope your week going well.


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