Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hambly...No More?? WHAT???

Not sure how I missed the announcement.. but is anyone else as upset and bewildered by the fact that Hambly Screen Prints is closing down operations???

I'm in shock.. love all of their products, in case you didn't know I'd say it's time to start buying up all of your fave products as their no longer releasing new lines or anything. 

HERE is the link to it. They announced alot of it in MAY.. MAY.. where have I been, why did no one tell me!!!! Beyond sad and now time to do a bit of shopping for those great screen prints I adore!

Not only did I not know but I didn't know about this amazing sale they had... I feel emotionally at a loss. 

HERE is that sale I missed out on!!! Not that I could have attended it in person but I sure as snot would have sent some online buddies I know who live in that area. haha

I feel like I'm playing catch up here but geesh they even had a farewell BLOG HOP HERE

Everyone probably thinks I'm insane about now, just insane to me how I follow most of the designers and Hambly screen prints themselves and YET..... I didn't know or read about this anywhere... lesson.. I need to read more than the title to see if I want to read the article attached!!

FYI if you knew this and didn't mention it to me... I'm not sure we can be friends... I've missed months of shopping!!! I do however now feel validated in all of my previous purchases and hoarding of their wonderful products!

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