Sunday, October 14, 2012

50 Sucks Project

This weekend finished up a few projects. This being one of a few. Used a simple pot with a fake plant in it I had laying around- you can buy them for 2 bucks from Dollar General. Pulled the plant out and then used the planter foam in it to hold the suckers. I saw a version of this on Pinterest but wanted to do alittle something different. 

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Now onto the project!
At first I was just going to use one large cut piece of paper around the pot, then later (after all my suckers were of course in place) decided to do something different. I covered the pot with mod podge. Of course goes without saying it holds exactly 50 suckers!

I then applied the torn pieces of some very old DCWV paper I had to cover the entire pot and then added a coat of mod podge to seal it all in. 

I then took two paper straws and poked holes through them.

I then ran green and blue twine through a large needed. 

I ran the twine through each letter and the two strays. I didn't like how it looked when in the suckers. So, I poked a 2nd hole through the straws and decided I liked the 50 above the sucks better.
I can't say I'm ubber happy with the way it turned out, but it looks well enough for a first attempt. I'm sure now that I have found out how super easy it was to make I'll be making more in the future as simple gifts for others. 

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  1. LOL, I think your co-worker is going to enjoy this! How fun


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