Tuesday, September 25, 2012

MMM...... Scentsy

I love Scentsy. Honestly I really think their products just sell themselves. So many smells that just ... make me feel clean or hungry. Both of which I'm highly okay with. There's really something for anyone and everyone. 

So, I know everyone knows someone who sells it or who knows someone who knows someone.... but I have a good friend of mine that just recently began trying to become a certified consultant. Pretty cool right? I think so. I love when people sell stuff.... love all the parties... just love it all. Anywho, I let her know I'd give her webpage a shout out on here and see if she can get any nibbles from it. 

SOOO HURRRY GO BUY STUFF..... like now people. Your still sitting there aren't you? Well that's only polite since I'm not done talking yet. 

Okay for real though the stuff they have is just great and you really can't go wrong with it. I like to buy some of the little travel tins or pouches and come Christmas time, wrap them up. Then when that neighbor or friend  or that annoying mom down the street who makes everything homemade- stops by or brings a gift or baked good and you have NOTHING... (what a horrible person.... just kidding... well kinda) you'd have something small to give them to let them know you didn't forget about them.    

Now if your thinking about yourself check this adorable pumpkin out- great for fall!

 They also have these fun new things called wraps- a great way to change up your scentsy without having to by an entirely new one- people these are only 12 bucks for these wraps! LOOOVE THEM!!! Lots to choose from and tons more to come. 

Now here is her website: https://lauradouglas.scentsy.us

Check it out. 

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