Sunday, September 30, 2012

Creeeeepy Bottles

So, I had all of these super nifty bottles I got when in South Western Kansas- Scott City. I love them alot. I knew I wanted to use some of them for my Halloween decor but didn't want to "ruin" the bottles either. I came up with a nifty way to use them without having to make the decor on them permanent. I wrapped twine around them. Some around the rims some around the bottle's middle. Then attacked the labels to the twine. Therefor all I have to do after the holiday is cut the twine off. Soo, happy with this idea, as it allowed me to use alot of them I may not have been comfortable with using otherwise. 

All of the great labels I have on the bottles can be found on my Pinterest board in the Printables board. You can find them all HERE  I printed most of mine on darker tan paper and then inked them up a bit as I felt suited. See my Next post..HERE . for them in my home. 

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