Monday, September 10, 2012

Bottle Hunting and a Fun Suprise

While in Scott City 2 weeks ago, myself and some of Eric's family all decided while the guys were dove hunting to do some hunting of ourselves. Eric's family has a very very large ranch. Lots of old homesteads and all sorts of just amazing finds. I found some just adorable bottles. All shapes and sizes. Some great old 7-up, Dr. Pepper and sprite bottles and lots of fun brown bottles and some regular bottles but that have aged and will be fun to use for all sorts of projects. We encountered a little visitor.. or maybe the better term is while we were visiting we happened upon a little guy. Creepy, but so cool to see so close.  Here's the pictures of my loot. Because there was limited space on the ride home I did have to leave some behind to get another time. I also found some nice rustic old plates. Was a great score! Can't wait to use some and share all the results. 

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  1. The bottles are awsome and the license plates are cool. I like old rusty looking stuff and wood things too. I saw an cool looking around frame mirror at Hobby Lobby one time. I like how it was dark wood I like how it was rusted all round. Maybe someday if I move in my own place.
    I'll go back there and buy it if they still have it. I know I'll hang on my bedroom wall or maybe if I have an extra room it'll probably be on that wall.


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