Sunday, September 30, 2012

Halloween Decor!! Galore!!

For anyone who doesn't know.. I adore decorating for Halloween. Next to Christmas it's one of my faves. Actually may be my favorite... because I can make my porch a haunted porch. This weekend I began working on my home. It's not complete as I never do the porch until about 2-3 days before Halloween because of all of the wonderful Kansas elements that can affect them.  Here's some great pictures of my home. Enjoy! Do you adore decorating for Halloween? Do you do playful or spooky?

To a tutorial on how I made all of the bottles check out HERE

Side note: almost everything found in my home or int he bottles is from Dollar Tree or Dollar general for 1-3 bucks!~!! Can't beat it! Just make sure whatever you put in a bottle you can get out easily. 

My daughter did the door this year. Bats on one side and Spiders on the other. 

Outside the front door. 

Witch's corner- these will all go out on the porch come Halloween with glow sticks inside of them!! They will look great! Love the pickled mice. 

Love the eyeballs. 

These little guys are all over my entire house!

This is BOB he's been with us for 5 years.. he talks.. we love him. 

The brain matter bottle will be filled with ramen noodles and glow sticks. The others will have creepy crawlers in there with them and glow sticks. 

My daughter did this- she calls it the Witch's cauldron. 

Love how these frames can be used year round with decor. 

This the outside windows.. way more to come but pictures of the outside won't be available until Halloween. 


  1. wow you sure went all out! Lots of creepies and crawlies! Eeeeek! LOL!

  2. What a fun house you have. I am a more whimisical decorator for Halloween but your house is so much fun. Can't wait to see your porch too

  3. I can tell you really enjoy Holloween, lol. I enjoy it too, I don't go all out for Holloween but enjoy watching scary movies. On all Hollow eve lol.

    Christmas is my favorite Holiday and I should say thanks for following me on my blog. I sent you an email. You can add me to your "Men like to Craft" section. I'm honor and flatter you think my blog is good to be add with all the other fine guys out there who enjoys art and making things with paper and whatever they can think of next! :)

  4. Wow, somebody sure has been busy. You did an awesome job on the decorating. Thank you so much for sharing.


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