Friday, September 7, 2012

The Lost Art of Writing Giveaway Winner!!!

Sorry this is so late but been a long day. I have to say thanks to all of the great cards and post cards we received. Was allot of fun and the kids are looking forward to sending some things to you all. Everything Desi makes is covered and I mean covered in glitter... haha

We received a total of 62 letters and cards! YAY for the art of writing NOT being dead!

Now for the winner. I let Desi randomly pick one and the winner is:

Rebecca Fowlerton!!! From CANADA!!!


I have already sent you an email to get me your address as the card had no full address on it. 

Thank you everyone for your participation. I may have to do this more often! was so much fun. Considering even a round robin... hmmmm kinks need worked out of the plan. Also wanted to thank everyone who didn't send a card but sent a fun email telling me about their life now and years before in kansas. Was so much fun!

PS we are also working on taking pictures of all of the great cards!! but I want to match them with what the kids sent back!

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