Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shoulda Coulda Woulda

Yes all three words in my title aren't really words! Oh well. I'm stuck with this feeling hoping that others are the same as me.. who knew someday I'd actually want to be like everyone else! hee hee

This is my intervention... either I'm bat shit crazy and need to change my way or everyone else is like me as well and I can go on living the way I do. I'm shooting for the later if that influences what you decide to comments. 

Okay, so most crafters are of the understanding that crafting and all of the wonderful supplies we buy is a bit of an addiction right? I'm a firm believer I have an addiction. With over 50,000 sheets of paper that I know I can't use it all right now and still buying more lovelies I see without hesitation ...(most times), I'm a firm believer it's an addiction. Not one that I necessarily have a problem with, I buy things because I love them and whether now or in 2 years, they will get used..... by myself or someone who falls in love with them while at my house, and my love for it has since been lost. 

Those tower drawers contain papers as well as 3 other  towers just as high in the closet.

Here's my problem. Well not a problem but question, yes question sounds much better. I recently have been "trying" to use specific things, I know I love, buy and then sorta... hoard. It's not for the perfect project because that's not it at all, I'm past holding onto something with the ideal that it's going to something else. Unless that's really why I bought it.. I admit.. most times this is not the case. Rarely do I have a plan. Other than I want and need it now. 


Recently I've been trying to use things I love but don't necessarily use as much as I should. For instances, I love love love transparencies, all the wonderful patterns and uses for them and am just addicted to them. I hate to say I really use them rarely. I have.... well a few drawers full of them. 

Same things for all of the tapes I collect.... tons of assortments for diff. duct tapes, masking tapes, washi tapes, athletic tapes, tissue tapes, fabric tapes.. etc. Generally speaking I only use a piece here or there, unless I'm trying to purge and make an entire background from them.  

Now here's the question. Does this happen to you? Do you have a few items or even one thing in particular that you buy because you just loooove it and then don't use it as often as your purchases would suggest?

What's your poison of choice? Do you have a piss or get off the pot moment with yourself? Use it or purge it to others? How do you handle it? 

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