Monday, July 30, 2012

Craft Room- Mission Organization Before & After

Okay, so on and off I've been diving into my craft room trying to make sense of how I want things in my head and making them happen. I'm not completely done, however alot of progress has been made. I'm still hunting for a few different storage items and after that I should be almost done.. well that is before I decide to re-do more things. Never ending I tell you. None the less I'm very happy with the direction it has all been going in thus far. 

Now three desks in my room are primarily used by others. One is my daughters area for all her messy things and her scrapbooking and the others are for the neighbor gals who come over to play. I cleaned out some drawers under the tables for their items that they leave at my house each visit. 

The before pictures are pretty self-explanatory. MESS MESS MESS Does this happen to everyone... or just me? Like I said it's not perfect but I'm getting stuff done that makes there be more available work space. 

Neighbors Crafty space

The other neighbors crafting space.

All my mess. 

My primary desk.

My 7 year old daughters desk. 

This was a light fixture tile I fell in love with at work when they took them down. Love how they look like a honey comb. 

Still need to work on clearing this window better for more natural light to come into the room. 

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