Monday, August 13, 2012


There's something all too wonderful about vintage findings. I find myself feeling like that movie "Midnight in Paris." If you haven't seen it you should! It's just a great movie, however in each era people always want to live in a different era. I've always thought I'd love to be around in the early 1900's. Anyways, I went out and about to some garage sales for out City wide garage sales and found some very fun things I thought I would share. Love cheap finds that have just amazing stories and character.

Here it is. All dirty yes, but everything is there all of the keys, the original ribbon is still in it. I know it just needed some TLC. They were selling it for 5 bucks and I got it for 3. 

I just adore how you can see all of the components within it. So much character! 

One of my favorite aspects is that it's still FULLY FUNCTIONAL!!! 

I found a ton of these great yard sticks! 10cents each! Love the different colors and saying and things on the, My plans are to cut these up and use them as a top surface on a coffee table. 

I almost didn't even see all of these but so happy I did. 14 pint size paint cans! Just begging to be altered- I'm thinking a few will be Halloween cans to deliver goodies to some friends!

This is the pictures my daughter describes as "it's the creepiest thing I've ever seen" haha I don't favor the baby with  wings at all but love that huge chunky extremely heavy frame. I won't keep it gold but it's going to look just great when it gets re-painted!

Here are some more frames I picked up. All so ubber cheap but all of a greatness to the frames. I hate gold frames but love to alter their chunky styles. 

Here's a collection of the ones I picked up ranging from 10 cents to 3 bucks. I'm working on projects with these right now. I have a frame project but then also going to do some chalk boards and a mirror I think out of the really large one. 

Over the weekend I also got some of Eric's dads old radios cleaned up and put out to display. Can you believe this one here still is in great working condition! Also there are some other finding I've come upon along the way. Love my crates and old books, cigar boxes, pocket ledger, atlas, Prince Albert tin. The deocorating is still in progress but I'm loving cleaning off all of these things. 

Here is the other radio I got all cleaned up. This one however does not function, but I may look into getting it repaired. There's something so wonderful feeling and sounding of an old radio. I don't know, I've always had the thought of everyone sitting around the radio listening as a family as something ubber cool. 

Here is the type writers temporary home after being cleaned up a bit. I have a different table I want it sitting on in this corner. Just haven't gotten that far yet. 

Isn't she just soo pretty. She still needs a little bit more love but she's on her way. Added a few oil cans as well, but this won't be their forever home either. 

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  1. wow! What awesome finds! You must have had a real blast! And you got some amazing prices too!


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