Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Lost Art of Writing

This post is going to be a little lot long, however there's a very important point to it and in the end the announcement of the August giveaway! So keep reading!

Every weekend we go back to see Eric’s mom, my daughter Desiree always loves playing with the two girls next door. They have a ball doing all sorts of things together over our weekend trips. When we left this time the mother of the young girls asked for our address. Without thinking too much into it I gave it to her. This weekend Desi received a letter from one of the girls. They have drawn a few pictures and written her a letter. She was beyond elated to receive something in the mail! 

I found this to be adorable! I made the comment to Desi that they could not be “pen pals”. She stared blankly at me not understanding. To make matters worse my 12.5 yr old was standing near by and also interested asked what a pen pal was. WHAT!!!!! I sat in shock- looking over at Eric, can this be?? How do my kids not know what a pen pal is. DISAPPOINTING!!! 

I love getting mail!! Yes there’s a gratification of having something when I want it and right then! Absolutely but getting something in the mail is just wonderful! I remember as a child having a pen pal in school. I was told they were from some place in the US or even in another country…now who knows if they really were.. haha maybe that was like the Santa thing… of which I still believe.

So, I began to explain what a pen pal was. Not to mention the lost art of sitting down a writing a letter to someone you don’t know just to learn more about them and their lives. After explaining how it’s NOT email or Facebook or a Text, they understood. It really did make me quite sad to think though that their generations are missing out on something soo great.

Okay so like I said about getting to a point other than the downfall of the youth… haha I’m just kidding their just half screwed because they can’t talk or write proper words and sentences. HAHA 

I’ve decided to offer a giveaway this month and the entry to it.  All it will take is a post card/card from yourself. That’s right! That’s all it takes. Heck you can make the card and have your little ones write or draw something inside of it. For each card we receive from a little one I’ll have the kids reply something back. When you send the card or postcard- you’ll be entered to win. You have until Sept 1st to be entered to win. Of course cards are always welcome however after Sept 1st the giveaway will be over. Be sure to include on your card somewhere, your email address. The winner will be announced on September 7th! 

Send all cards/postcards to: PENPALS
                                                  232 Sunset Avenue
                                                  Haysville, KS, 67060

WHAT WILL YOU WIN: A $50 shopping Spree on Scrapbook.com I'm choosing this because... they have tons of stuff, you can do it online, so it saves me on shipping costs and like I said this is all about getting something in the mail!

Now be sure to share this on Facebook and twitter and on your blogs. The more mail the better! Share on your blog, comment here and leave me a link to check it out and you'll be entered in the drawing twice! Send a Card as well as a blog post and that's 3 entries!


  1. this is awesome! i dont have any little ones but would love to send a card to your little ones! lol ill share this on fb.. i have some crafty friends there. :)

  2. http://mzplcdokie.blogspot.com/ I enjoyed reading your post and it brought back so many memories of the thrill seeing my name on a card or a letter in that stack of mail...Thank you for the trip down memory lane and definitely for inspiring me to take pen to paper to brighten others days.

  3. This is a fabulous idea and I have loved writing letter forever! Maybe it's my lack of people to talk to or just liking to share and learn information but letter writing is really a lost art for most of the younger people in the world I think. Thank you for offering such an awesome prize too, FREE shopping is always a gift anybody would love to get :) Have a GREAT day!!

  4. What a wonderful idea. I too remember having a pen pal and the delight when she would write me. Now that I have a almost 6 yr old granddaughter I am going to start her with this. Expecially since I will be watching her 4 days next week, it will be a great "craft" project for us. Thanks

  5. I have no little kids BUT I do watch a few, not sure I can get the BOYS to do this but I will have the 2 girls and hopefully the grandkids write a few for me :-) cause I WANT that GC!!!!!!! LOL Juanita

  6. today is the day for the announcement! can't wait, good luck everyone!


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