Sunday, August 19, 2012

Frames Frames Frames

Last weekend I posted about these great picture frames I found for ubber cheap. This weekend I began to work on some of them for a frame project for my living room wall. I still have quite a few  to go for mirrors and chalk boards. These were super easy and lots of fun! Here is a little tutorial.

Here's some of the frames as they were purchases.

First pull of any backing on the frame.

Take a butter knife or screw driver and bend back the metal flaps securing the picture in place.

Pull out all if not most of the metal tabs that secured down the photo. First of all this ensures you won't be able to see them later, and it ensure you can pull the glass easily.. I learned this the hard way. See below.

While trying to maneuver this glass out, I busted it. All of the professionally framed pictures I had to remove the metal tabs from them to ensure the glass came out smoothly.

All of the frames now have no back to them.

I used an outdoor Valspar spray paint. I choose this because it works on wood, metal, plastic, etc. it worked great for this project. I choose a Satin finish and was very happy with it.

Paint all frames and let sit for many hours or until dry. I let mine dry all morning and part of the afternoon, they were dry to the touch within an hour, but I like to ensure that smell doesn't come into the house as much as possible. I did also have to flip some of them to ensure all edges and nooks and crannies were covered on the frames with lots of texture.

I love all of the different textures in the frames. It's sort of hard to see in the pictures.

This is what I ended up with. It is not complete by any means, just what I got done thus far. I'm loving it.

I'm still looking for some fun small frames to put inside of some of the larger frames but like I said I'm loving the way it is shaping thus far.

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