Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I've been a bit MIA lately. Wanted to say sorry but have no fear I've been working on a few things. Re-working my craft room trying to figure out any changes I may want to make. Of course some nights I just sit in there staring at things, secretly waiting for the things I want done to be done...hmmmm nothings happened yet.... okay so also new bathroom floors are being put fun. Between the insanely stupid heat  and trying to keep all my gardens off deaths bed and doing a cleanse for a little over a week, my head has just been everywhere but writing and posting my insane thought along the way. I've also been having a bit of a mental OH MY GOSH moment lately. I'm not sure how or when but I woke up last week in shock that in only 3 months I would be the mom of a teenager officially. INSANE! It's like for the last 1 years I just wasn't paying attention and it's snuck up on me and about to bite ME! I'm not old enough...for one.. and of course anyone who knows me knows this to be true.. haha and I just don't feel like I have a teenager.. he's my baby.. okay not really.. I'm not that mom who's all about my first born being the baby... not sure why.. hmmmmm, maybe I have issues. What am I saying of course I have issues... see literally head has went to mush! So, there's a bit of a recap as to why I've been browsing more than writing.

I've also been working on a NEW blog!! Super stoked about it. Took me a while to come around to actually doing it after it had been dwelling in the back of my mind for sometime. Then after doing some research and not finding a blog devoted to just this topic, I decided... IT IS TIME...(whenever I say this I totally use my Rafikki monkey voice from The Lion King.) It has little to nothing to do with crafting, but when it's up and functional I'll be showcasing it for anyone who may be interested. I'm bubbling with excitement.. you know when motivation strikes and you have all of these ideas in your head, gather them on paper and then.... sort it all out from there into the blog world. 

I've also been creating quite a bit. Worked on a bit of an old creation I made a few years ago for Eric. It's a bib and medal shadowbox holder for all of his triathlons, marathons, gravel races, mountain bike races etc. etc. etc. Of course I'm good enough to take pictures but bad enough to not get them uploaded onto my blog and write about them.... all in good time. Soon.... very soon. 

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