Saturday, May 5, 2012

Brick Art Journal Page

So, I've been having a ton of fun with my art journals recently. I can't even tell you why but it's just been where I have been going when I want to craft. Enjoy.

I first covered the enture page in a nice thick coat of gesso.  I love the Prima brick stencils I picked up. I have both the positive and the negative of the bricks and I just adore them for using as a stencil with panpastels as well as with texture. Just wonderful.

I applied brown pan pastels and then sealed them off with a fixative. This enables me to be able to work on it without smearing it.

I then got a little messy. I did a few sprays of mists onto the page and then smeared them with a cloth. Then I sprayed soem watered down gesso onto the page and when it was tacky.. almost dry but not quite I took a cloth and rubbed hard. This smeared all the way through and gave me some bare spots in the brick wall.

Printed a quote I liked and inked it up with some pan pastel, die cut, painted and sanded a bird cage and put them down on the page

I then added a few quotes I also like.

Very sorry if the "F" word offends anyone, but afterall a journal can't very well be censored.

Nice picture of how gritty my poor hands got for this page.


  1. No offense taken. I agree with that quote completely!!

  2. I copies the quote to add to my sons Harley album, after all nothing offends Harley bikers--LOL


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