Saturday, May 5, 2012

Art Journal Page

I loved the latest prompt at A Year In The Life Of An Art Journal, so much so that I used the same prompt for a different journal as well. Everything I did is pretty self explanatory.

THE PROMPT: Nature is a wondrous thing
ie: use pics of nature

THE STUFF: Don't quote me on it
ie: use a quote or quotes
THE TECHNIQUE: Gesso & stencils ie: try something different and use Gesso on your stencils for texture!

Want to see what others came up with?

This page was something else i began sketching on but then didn't like where it was going, so it's a great thing to just cover with some layers.

love the texture and this will dry clear!

Gelatto fun of course. The gel acts as a resist which I loved playing with.

spray with some water and then brushed out and then blotted with a cloth to get it off all of the letters.

I then sprayed the entire page with some watered down gesso. And added a tag.


  1. love what you have done with that alphabet stencil!

  2. Great use of the alphabet stencil and gel!
    Cool page!


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