Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Say Hello To My Little Friend

Okay, so here is my newest Donkey addition to the family. Isn't it the nicest ass you've ever seen? No? Okay well she needs some touching up, but I do love it to pieces. 

This donkey has a story behind it. Of people I don't know AT ALL. Enjoy. Please remember this story is completely FICTIONAL! I just needed an entertaining story for you all. 

So one Easter Eve a very nice girl and her friends and family went out to play some intoxicated midnight golf in small town Western Kansas. While, they were not prepared for such an adventure being a last minute thought and all they quickly thought on their feet. They gathered solar lights from the home they were staying in and the neighbors yard. 10 or so would do to light the path of a nice swing off the tee box. Then went walking towards the golf coarse, on the way they picked up a striking young man, who brought along his clubs and about 10 white shinny golf balls. They set off for the golf coarse with lights, drinks, a lack of better judgement  and of course  Easter eggs. On the way a tragic things happen and they loose a few lights. It's okay they can replace those two, and they were getting heavy to carry.  It was going to be a marvelous evening. 

Once to the coarse a few Easter eggs were given a nice drive down the fairway, landing about at the end of the tee box. Note to all, use hard boiled eggs! They fly so much further than those shinny easy to find but easily broken plastic ones. Everyone takes their turn hitting their ball.... they all ooo and awww and in a drunken state pretend we know just how far and where the ball landed, it occurs to us all we should have brought more solar yard lights.  They scale the hole, first assuming it was a long shot right down the fairway, then we venture to just as far out but maybe along the edges and then we work our way back to the tee box. SHUCKS... one person found their ball on hole one. They all watched while it was hit a 2nd time.... to never be seen again. Moving on to hole two, one of the wonderful participants, was alittle off her rocker and each time a car passed in fear it may be a cop she hit the ground like 100 pounds of rocks. Therefore, like any good friends would do they began yelling car just to watch her hit the ground.  Hole two began with all new balls and a sadness they hadn't planned better in bringing glow in the dark balls at least. Everyone tries not to hit them as hard this time in hopes of finding more than one down the fairway, or in the tree, or the parking lot next door, or anywhere. Alas, there was no such luck, 5 hits later and about 45 minutes passing of hide and seek and they were defeated. They left in good spirits however, because they had each other and had learned a valuable lesson of golfing at midnight: glow in the dark balls and head lamps!

On the way home, the discussed what everyone had been doing for the last few weeks, months and years. One of the highly happy participants decided that it was unfair that dogs have no lights in the back yard when their sleeping and proceeded to put all of the remaining solar yard lights in the back yard of all the dogs they passed by. A good deed had been done. While dropping off the young man mentioned above they decided it wasn't fair none of them had gotten his parents an Easter gift and then proceeded to roll a large trash can into their home, down the hall and in front of their bedroom door. NOW they will wake up to an Easter Surprise they all thought. On the way home one of the nice ladies was asked if there was anything she wanted for Easter or her birthday, she piped up that she's always wanted a large donkey figure. You know the cement kind. One girl takes off jogging, all others were waiting for her to fall down in all honesty because the running, it just wasn't pretty, instead she stops about 4 blocks away in front of a lovely home.. with a giant 70 pound yellow donkey. All oww and awww!!! It's just what she's always wanted. After about 45 minutes of struggling the donkey makes it home with them. It followed them like a lost puppy in need of a home. 

While home later, they sat on the porch wondering why cars are parked on the street. It made no sense. So they decided to try it out in the front yard right at the beginning of the steps. It surely has to sit there over night they thought because something always looks weird when it's new. The neighbor girl was gone for the weekend and the logically discussed who needed to buy her more solar lights. in the mist of this conversation they decided maybe they should do some mowing on her lawn... you know to be nice and all, come to find out after the large X was mowed in lawn they were tired and should retire to bed. 

Anyways in honor of this blogs wonderful anniversary/birthday, I think Mrs. Easter is a wonderful gift and addition.

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