Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wandering Wednesday- Get a translator!

I have been totally inspired by so many people lately. It's quite hard to keep track of them all. Now a few weeks ago I showcased alot of great male crafters that I was in awe of and this week I wanted to share another great artist. I don't even want to call her a "crafter" becuase I feel as though thats not covering all the wonderful things she does.

Now there's a catch as there always is. More so a Craft Donkey Pet Peeve. Do you ever stumble upon a blog that's in another language? If you're a blog wanderer of course you do! Do they have a translator on it? You know something that allows you to show the blog in whatever language the person can read.

 Do you have something to translate language on your blog???  I sure hope so and if you do not I really encourage you to add it onto your today!. The Internet being so amazing like it is people can view your blog from all over the world. And who isn't flattered when they look at their stats and see people are viewing them all over the place. I don't know about you but that fluffs my feathers a little bit. And believe it or not....................gasp............................. some don't speak or read English, I know insane right? haha  I'm often disappointed greatly when I see something soo super cool, but there's no translator. Urks me actually. Don't they want more people to be able to read it?? Don't you?? So, if you don't please do me a favor, yourself and your blog a big favor and add it already!

Okay back to my wandering....

I recently came upon an artist like I said who just has amazingly awesome (in my opinion) work. I love everything Finn does.. and she has a translator so I can READ it! Not just enjoy the pictures. I love her! I love her style and what comes out onto the paper when she creates!  She does collections of items that I just adore. I played around with it this style this weekend and will share that later this week with what I came up with.  Love it so much. 

Here is Finn's site: HERE I am forewarning you, you can spend hours looking through all the greatness on it!

Here are a few samples of her work! I made the pictures HUGE so you can see all of the intricate details! These are just a few of the hundreds of things she has showcased that I personally adore. But you have to head over these and take a peak, let her know Craft Donkey sent you! She knows I'm showcasing her today. Let me know does this inspire you? Even if your not into this particular style does something pop out at you that makes you say oooooowwwwwwww and ahhhhhhhhh? Let me know. And, remember if you do not have something to translate your English or whatever language to something else.. get it on there... you're only hurting yourself by not having it on there.


  1. Wow- that is some AMAZEMENT!!!

    love it all!


  2. I knew you'd like it Kory. She just blows me away!


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