Tuesday, March 6, 2012

5 Minute Cards

Believe me when I say a 5 minute card I mean it. I got home last night from a meeting at 9:30. Made supper, the kids and I had already ate but my boyfriend takes whatever we had for dinner one night, the next night for his dinner... does that make sense? So ya san So I got it made and put away, then took a shower.. I don't know about you but someday I loathe showering... lol sounds horrible but come on! Takes valuable time I could be using for something much more fun than shaving and cleaning.

Anyways, I got everything done, settled down to catch up on The Voice I had recorded when I remembered I needed 2 cards for the next day. Now normally I'm a planner, I have spreadsheets that tell me where spreadsheets are! LOL  Yes I'm THAT insane. But for some reason I can't seem to get caught up on cards. There's about 1 card per day when you look at company anniversaries as well as birthdays. I have a list of when they all are... I simply put it on back burner and forget. This weekend I spent all my time playing with a new layout that's super fun. I can't wait to share it with you all.

But in the meantime here are two cards that took me less than 5 minutes each to complete. Their not the fanciest, their not the best by any means, but their something! And something is always better than nothing.

Oh and for the record... I DO NOT HAVE RED CARPET in my house, lol these were taken on a shggy rug I have. lol


  1. I love that retro leaf design paper in the first card- very cool.

    Is that the Kraft Glassine on the second?? I've never used it before- I'm dyin to try it out.


  2. Yes that is the glassine! I love it. I have it in all sizes and envies! Heeeey and in that package you wont here's sheets of it in there! Those papers on the first card are actually a few years old. They were the DCWV nature papers. I just love how ubber thick they are and how well they work for cards at work, being a ladnscaping business and all.


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