Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tutorial Thursday: The Bare Stuff

Okie dokie folks. I had a semi decent productive night last night. I've been playing around with an idea of making my own "bare essentials" (hmm can't think of if thats what their really called or not) type of albums. I love them however can't justify the costs. So, I decided last night to wing it and make my own.

The pages are 10x12 (this is the length and height before you bend it), cut from parchment paper, brown paper (the kind from the rolls), some kraft papers I adored and then lots of different large envelopes. You can see it all here. There's some legal envies and some document envies and then lots of inclusions. I used library pockets and pocket insets as well as blank time cards for these! Please avoid eye contact with the date on the pictures I took these late last night.. lol

Step one, after cutting everything, I scored everything, just to ensure easy folding and placement. I then marked dots every inch down the spine. I then took my Timmmy Tool and violently jabbed holes through it all taking out all stress i had on this little book...... ok, not really. But this pick is soo useful in this process.

Next I choose a twine I liked and threaded a large needed and began sewing my book together. Making sure to keep the beginning and ending Knots on the inside of the album.

Here is one of the views of it. I haven't decided what I'm going to do with this, but I love all of the options. Parchment paper, slick large white envies, used older document envies, brown paper... oo love it all. It'll be alot of fun to use different things on each page.

After I got it all sew up I then rolled it up and then rolled it again from the other side to make it nice and loose and idk, I just like it.. lol

I of course didn't have enough time to do the cover last night but I did add some friendly inking to get it all going.


  1. this is really cool! now i wanna make one too!! lol i love your descriptions and your sense of humor. i am going to go back and read all your archives until i go blind. lol
    p.s. i am not a robot, it takes a lot of practice to be this perfect!

  2. Super happy you liked it! yes yes you should make one! It took no time at all and super fun. If I had more time I would have added more pages but for now I'm happy with this one for my first one!

  3. what are you calling this type of album? not exactly a mini, not a smash book, not a junque journal?

    im at work (uggh) and my head is running thru what i could use to make one (my head should be at work too).. old manilla folders would work i think and business size envelopes for smaller pocket pages. oh man...i think i am coming down with a stomach bug and i must go home immediately! lol

  4. I'm just calling them a bare album. LOL Do as I liek with it. It will untimately be a jornal, of what kinda I have no decided jsut yet.

  5. I am in freakin love with this- it is AMAZING. Love all the envelopes and you know I'm KRAZY FOR KRAFT! ha-ha-ha.
    Where'd you find so many cool envelopes?! Every time I search for envelopes, I can only find the most boring of envelopes...

    I so so wanna come over and play!


  6. Well, where I work we have tons of those document envelopes that have been used a few times but still in amazing conidition and love the little document latches they have on them.

    Hmmm then all the inclusions I collect old library inserts or nice clean blank ones and library pockets.

    I could make you a deal.. lol.. send me some type writer stamped images and I'll send you some fun envies. I have an envie addiction! I have soo many in different shapes and sizes, not including all of the AAAAAAHHHHHHHmazing ones made by TH and Maya road and all the other great companies.. lol

  7. Oh and yes I know you adore kraft. I used a ton of just brown paper from the role and then alot of patterened kraft from MME I beleive is who made the ones I put in this. Works perfect for 12x12 pieces I just cut 2 inches off of one end and then used those smaller pieces as inclusions and sewn together for larger pages!

    I'll share more when I get more time and get more done on it. This was jsut the first one though, so many new ideas for more int he future.

  8. Love the papers you picked and it looks like you had a lot of fun with it! Can't wait to see what you do with it.


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