Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Secret White Trash Ways...

So, I've now been asked by three different people what webcam I use for my videos and what not. So, I thought I would share my secret white trash ways. hee hee  So, This is it! I have a long rod from my pegboard, a clip and the camera. I can move it along this 11 inch rod to show different areas of my desk.  Now before I did this.. I was classy.... I used duck tape to tape the camera to places to video tape. Before that.... hee hee I took some trusted Helmar and glued it to a peg board rod and then just moved it along the peg board where I needed it.. haha. i'm a mess btu I know it so it's okay! Why don't I have a tripod.... umm NO FRICKIN CLUE! I think about it, then I forget... lol. Simple as that. Anyways, this is the current set up if you want to call it that. LOL.

Ok so now onto the important stuff. I love this camera because it sits on a lap top super well and as you can see I have it turned so I can have it face on with me or face down for a project. I love this. It also self adjusts for clarity on its own. Which I love, not having to adjust it into focus. It was about 60 bucks (they go on sale for like 45 every other week), however it's a billion times better than the 20 dollar one. I promise you this much. I also wanted to give a shout out to Ustream. Because I love them. I can be live, and or record. I can make the recordings public when I like. Can even do recaps of them for "preview" like pieces. yes, a editing software would be super fun, but since I'm not a pro, it works well for me and is super easy for me to embed into my blog.

HAHAHAHA and for a nice other side note: please note, I took this picture last night! Check out my dated picture.. lmao. yes I'm just that good. I have a time machine.... hee hee

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