Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Last Day for February Giveaway

Ok ladies and gents! Today is the last day to submit a pictures or your scrap space, whether a kitchen table or a full blown decked out Paradise!!!

At 8am... ish... keep the ish there and you might get lucky depending on how long it takes me .....  tomorrow it will all be done! I'll be sharing pictures this coming week of everyones spaces and announcing the WINNERS!

So, remember you must be a public follower! So, I can click on your name and see you there and who you are and leave a comment on the February's giveaway post! It can be found by clicking on the left sidebar giveaway button!

To win the free clip it up and also get entered again for the large lot give away you have to of submitted a link that lead to a post or a public picture of your craft space!! Remember sending friends over and having them reference you also adds additional entries to the large lot giveaway!

Love seeing everyone who has submitted their pictures! But it's not too late if you want to get in on it!

Winner will be announced next week for all of the wonderful goodies!


  1. I've entered! Wish me luck! lol


  2. yay soo happy you did! I was curious where u dwell.. lol, and didn't want to invite myself over.. lol.. or doo I.. hmmmmmm

    thats great though your now entered in both!

  3. entered in both a few times, because you blogged about me and comments! yay you! Better hope my delight terroist of a daughter draws ur name... hahah for all those overwhelming stuffy moms readying this.. if you knew my daughter u'd understand.. lol


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