Monday, March 5, 2012

Art journal Page 5

So, I sat down finally on Sunday evening at around 5 for the first time all weekend. I was exhausted from working all weekend at a garden show my company was in and getting together my business of Mary Kay... that's right the girl who has never owned a purse or worn much if any make up has begun to sell it. But I looove doing it. I get to meet so many people... ok back to it.......... but I knew I HAD to craft. I had to do something! Anything! I had the itch and need to let out some stress. I began working on my art journal page. This one like I said before was harder for me to do because it involved childhood memories and well.... mine or those I recall anyhow just aren't very good ones. None the less I had an idea to journal out that while it wasn't a great childhood, it's made me who I am today and I wouldn't have it any other way. Here is the prompt and a little tutorial on how I did it. Enjoy!

The prompt this time around is from Glenda!!

THE PROMPT: Childhood memories

(it can be something from your own childhood or from your kids, a memory, a thought...)

THE STUFF: Glimmer mists & paint (time to get messy!)

THE TECHNIQUE: silhouettes (can be black, patterned paper, anything goes as long as it's a silhouette)

I started out with my journaling on mini notebook papers. I made sure to spray it with a workable fixative so that I could do fun things on top of it, without the ink smearing.

I then put down some alphabet stickers and use some new Pan pastels over it.. do you all knwo how much I love these roung little things of goodness. It's so much fun wet or dry!

I then use more pan pastels along the edges that was a tad bit wet for some texture, some more fixative sprayed down and then I did some dripage of some tattered angels Mist. Added a few strips of super thin masking tape as well.

I then layed down a few Maya Road chipboard silhouettes and used some more mists over them.

I then added some twine through a fun clock charm I found in my stash of misc. things. And added one of the misted Maya Road Chipboards to the page.

I then stamped memories on the right hand side and put down some black india ink drops to get some fun messiness!

Stay tuned folks.. winner's of all of February's prize's will be announced SOON!

I am playing along with Berry71Bleu Check out their blog here:


  1. Wow... I love how your pages turned out and how you shared the process.

    Those ink drops are fun.


  2. I love your page! I'm new to this whole art journalling thing and love to see how pages came together to give me inspiration in how to build up layers so thanks for sharing! :)

  3. I love love love how you shared all your layers to the page, very cool!

  4. So beautiful and meaningful and I know just what you mean :) Thanks for sharing with Berry71Bleu!


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