Monday, March 5, 2012

New Finds

So, how frickin cool is this! I found this for only a few bucks in the clearance isle of Kohls. I'm in love with it. The old typewriter key look of it had me sold! I'm not sure if I will alter it or not! Now they did have a few others but they were just the letters K and E.. and what the heck would I do with those two letters? So I stuck with this one. Loooove it.

Oh and behind the hook is an old ceiling tile I snatched up when they changed out the ones at work. I just adore it's honeycomb look! I'm sure I'm going to make something out of it in a fun chunky frame, but it will need cut, when I get it cut then I'll use some I think for block stamping! Anyways, it has lots of potential as well.

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