Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wandering Wednesday!

Now this post is quite enlightening and sad. Not sad in a crying way, but more so in the WTH I've been missing out on some great motivation and talent.  First and foremost, I truly hope no one takes any offense to this post. It is not meant to be offensive in any way at all. Just being honest with myself here and everyone in the world who finds it interesting enough to read. hee hee

The last week or so things at work have been ubber slow! I mean I go through all blog updates, the hunt some pinterest, read all the online news that interest me and isn't blocked at work (they block all sports!! and honestly since football is over.. ehh I have no real interest in Basketball). So, back to it. I find myself then just surfing blogs! Looking to see who's a new follower and who follows them and so forth. Just random blog surfing! Yes, I'm that bored! In a month I'll have more than enough to do, but for now.... ya uneventful! At one point my boss let me bring in all my card making materials to make cards! I mean after all I make them for every employees, so it was sorta work! It only lasted about two hours come to find out crafting at work and it being okay......feels weird!

So, last week I got received a comment from a .......(gasp).......... "Man"!!!! Now his comment was nice and was on my giveaway post stating he wanted to participate as well and that he in fact was not a woman as my post addressed "the ladies". First impression "Oh no!!! Some perv got on my blog, he wants to "play" all right but its not with the challenge!" haha now before anyone goes and gets their panties in a bunch, just take a moment to think of your first impression when a man posts a comment on a crafting blog. It's something new.  I was indeed dumbfounded when I went to look at his crafting blog. It was witty, funny, and totally full of energy! I mean you all think I have energy and am bouncing off the walls, and shop too much, but this guy very well may out do my "bounciness". 

Kory in fact enjoys paper crafting. I was in awe! HOW FRICKIN COOL! So, then I did some digging and Oh My Word! I never judge anyone.. and I mean anyone! Judgement sucks in all aspects, but I felt horrible when I realized not only was there a large stream of MEN crafters, but they were actually amazing! I'm not talking just good, I'm talking about motivational and very talented. WOW oh WOW.

I mean you could have knocked me over with a feather. I mean we all know Tim Holtz! We all love him! But I guess I never really thought of other men paper crafting! I had seen some art blogs where there was painting and such but never layouts and cards and well, like I said nieve me! I feel like now I've been missing out. Their approach to writing/blogging and their crafting is different! And I LOVE IT> Now everyone knows me, once that window has opened there's no closing it so I sought out other male crafters! Just blown away I tell you! I'm adding links to their blogs below here and hope that you pay them a visit, follow them if you enjoy and think they may inspire you as well.  I mean when I stumbled upon them I felt like someone had been hididng something from me, wasn't Tim the only male crafter.... haha. Well men, the secret is out! and I'm spreading the word! If you happen to stop by them, leave them a comment and let them know Craft Donkey sent you.

Do you know of any male crafting blogs, please feel free to share away. I'd love to discover even more men who are as in love with crafting as I am!


  1. First of all, thank you so much for mentioning me! It was a real surprise to get to work and start catching up on 'muh blogs,' and see my name up there!

    Very cool post!

    And I can't help laughing at my obliviousness (is that a word?!)- it never occurred to me that it might appear another perv stumbled on a blog- lol, sorry, I'm still laughing at your, 'he wants to play alright!'

    Thanks again for a great post.


  2. wow!!! i'm super-flattered that you mentioned me!!
    yes we blokes do get inky in a quiet way lol!!
    i've been so lucky to meet amazingly talented and friendly people in the blogaverse, and even been blessed to have been contacted by his royalness sir tim of holtz himself!!!!
    i'm loving your blogs already and blown away by your artistic talent and writing! [and love your pooch too lol!]
    do look up jim the gentleman crafter
    ... you will be amazed at his projects and he has started a group called 'men that craft!
    hugs from the uk ... tonyr

  3. Thanks guys. Tony, I completely just balnked adding Jim. I even follow him. I have adde dhim tot hte post now!

  4. Thank You for mentioning me, love your blog, and all of these men are amazing and oh so talented!

  5. LOL, I saw Kory post on about Basket Market, and I thought, "I go to BM all the time..." and realized we both live in OKC. I'm positive we'll run into each other at some point shopping. He's awesome, can't wait to meet him! :) I was also unaware there were very many male scrapbookers/paper crafters!

  6. Yes, they all are talented. Here's another one for you:

  7. Hi there,
    Thanks for the mention on your blog. I laughed at your first reaction. Never even thought about that possibility. Though I remember after telling my first class that I was nervous so they'll have to cut me some slack if I mess up one lady piped up with hey we're nervous too ! Never been taught craft by a guy before!

  8. Thanks for sharing the link - I'm in very prestigious company lol :) Px

  9. Hello,

    I just want to say thank you so much for adding to your post .I love your blog and you are very talented. I am so happy you are featuring us guy who are crafters too. We love to play with paper and paint,stamps and Glimmer mist!

    This is amazing you have created this post so other blogers can see men are crafty bloggers too!

    Your new follwer


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