Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This & That Tuesday: Linking Craft Room Pictures

I wanted to pop in real fast say woo hoo for those of you whom have been posting pictures of your craft spaces! I wanted to remind you however that when you upload them the link from your blog should be a direct link to that picture. So that when people click to see your space their not just being taken to your blog but the direct link to the direct post with that picture on it. Make sense?

Just making sure because its hard to search someones blog for the pictures of their blog and if you just uploaded from your computer that's okay, we however can not see a large image of your space then. So, just something to keep in mind.

I'd love to post something sweet however, I don't believe today is a Holiday, haha I'd much rather my bf give me flowers or plan a special date on some random day then when everyone else is being forced to do the same. Oddly enough this is hard for my bf because he's truly a romantic. The kind that slips love notes into your pocket to find on your way to work romantic. LOL

Stay tuned tomorrow for Wandering Wednesday! I have a doosie of a post.

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