Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wine Layout

It's no secret for anyone that knows me that I adore a nice bottle of wine. However, I also have another weakness. Cheapo, fun labeled, fun named, bottles of wine. I'm not sure why but I'm drawn o a fun named bottle of wine. I know it's not goign to be the best on the shelf however I can't seem to help myself! This layout is a tribute to addiction. It showcases some of the fun wines I've picked up and then like any good crafter peeled the labels off. Not using them on this layout as well.... I'm sure there will be another page to use them on. Notice the one in the middle.. hee hee couldn't pass up a DONKEY wine. This was just a little 20 min layout, so nothing fancy. But I like that too sometimes.

I am posting some what in the tutorial style to show how I got where I did. As I know you all appreciate that.  Oh and i can't wait to share Thursday Tutorial with you all. It's pretty damn awesome if I do say so myself.

Some graph type paper from October Afternoon, then I added some pieces of masking tape and watered down gesso, to give it a white wash.

The layout in the works, planning and moving things around.

Some of the fun Hambly transparencies and then some fun paper rubbles. I debated on inking these up a a bit but decided on keep them clean. Imagine that!

Small tag I covered in masking tape and then white washed with gesso, love the texture it gives!

I gave the Tim Holtz flowers a squirt each of color and then propped up the layout, to allow for some fun not over the top dripage! Love dripage!

Added an oversized Daisy  D's rub-on I have had forever! I mean years! Love it though, love their rub-ons so frickin much because of all you can do with them.

Some more Hambly transparencies here. Just some white banners I cut out and added some Pink Paislee string to.

The finished product. Nice for a 20 min layout. Not my normal all inked up and distressed look and it was sorta refreshing.

I had some helpers in the craft room as I always do. My baby girl Knolla, she's about a year old and she follows me and watches me where ever I go. And of course my daughter was also in creating. This time learning to play with glitter and the crop a dile.

This is Knolla, Knolla HAtes and I mean hates to have her picture taken. This is always the face you get when you point a camera at her or she has to take a bath.

Desi (desiree) over the moon that I let her play/use the crop a dile and some glitters. She loves crafting!

Showing me a heart she was cutting out and giving the "i think I'm 16 when I'm only 6" smooch face.

Desi getting ready for bed but asked that I take a picture to show people how well she put on her lipstick before bed.. lmao She's got a little posing going on here too. New Helmar spokesperson.. hmmm maybe!


  1. What a great page! I LOVE it!

    I love cheap wine. I keep a five liter BOX of Franzia's Crisp White in the 'fridge at all time. It's got a perfect bouquet of desperation, and the crisp flavor is just right for a good morning/pre-shower drink.

    But I do love the bottles too- and I laughed when I saw your labels. I 'won' a bottle of Mad Housewife at some charity gala/party 'wine pull' thing- have you heard of a 'wine pull?' It's done at all the big charity parties around her- and really the only reason I go to these things. Not to see and be seen, not to support the cause, but to pay ridiculous small amounts of money to 'pull' wrapped bottles of wine.

    I haven't had Pink Truck, but I do like Red Truck!

    anyways- I love your page, and I'm totally inspired to do my own layout/tribute to addiction!


  2. New follower (found you from Kory, LOL)! This is awesome! :) Wish I'd seen the mustache transparency before last weekend, I made a layout with pictures of my nephews in their fake mustaches. :) Can't wait to look back through your blog! :)


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