Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wandering Wednesday- Do you remember...

Do you remember that moment, maybe a month ago..... maybe 5 years ago. When you decided it was time, time for you to begin a blog. You didn't know if anyone would read it minus some people you recruited from your personal friends and maybe facebook friends. But you were going to do it! You were going to start it. Little did you know that was going to be the easiest step.

Now you have to pick out which site to have your blog on, so many options and really without knowing people who had used them, you were kinda of in the dark with choosing which one would best fit you. now you have your blog......

What's it going to be about? For most of us crafting and maybe some personal rants.

What's it going to look like?

How often will you actually get something posted on it?

Will people like it?

How will they find me, how will I get my name out there?

All of these and more including the dreaded question go through your head.......

Will anyone actually read it?!?!?!?!

Anyone who has a blog has been there. Even the company blogs lots of us follow, they didn't know whether it would be a huge waste of time or a really great chance to work more with their customers. None the less it can be scary, it can at times be overwhelming. But it can also be soo much fricking FUN!

So today I want to introduce you to someone I stumbled upon yesterday! She just had her blog up! There's two posts of her craft area! I of course was soo tickled pink that I got to be the first to leave a comment!! Hee hee

I'd like to ask that each and everyone one of you head over there and show her some "donkey love" for a lack of better words... hahah who am I kidding those words are frickin wonderful! Let her know I sent you over! Now she doesn't have any creations up yet, and hasn't done much on the design of her blog but don't let that stop you. She has two posts up and one of them is her room and I promise you it alone is a worthy reason to pop over there and take a peak! I mean after all who doesn't want to take a little peak into someones home.. hee hee

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  1. I'm completely and totally jealous of her craft space - it's GORGEOUS!!! :) Thanks for turning us on to her!


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