Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sofa Watercolor

So, sometimes I sit watching tv, just playing with charcoal and watercolors and freehand sketching just to be doing something. I just doodle alot! Sometimes I add color to it as well. Here's a page I doodled and then used watercolor crayons on and then white washed. I'll use it as a background for something. I never really have a plan in mind to be honest with you, but it's nice to have fun backgrounds readily available when I may not have time to create one. Picture's aren't the best as I was sitting all snuggily on the couch doing them, yes the boyfriend hates that I sit on a suede couch and paint! lol This background isn't my favorite by far, none the less I share everything with you people. Even the not so amazing things. It's got potential for sure.

Moving tutorial Thursday to friday. I got tomorrow off at last minute notice so I'll prepare better for a full class tomorrow night.

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  1. love how you showed the process with pictures! love how it turned out. hope you have a great weekend! hl


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