Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A year In the Life of an Art Journal Prompt

So, rather than waiting until I get my page/pages done for this prompt I thought I would go ahead and share it so you all have just as much time as I do if you choose to participate. Because sometimes I'm on top of it and I have it done that very night and other times, it's closer to a week or so later.

This prompt has me stoked! Those of you whom know me personally know my childhood was not one I think anyone would wish on anyone, however, I have a spin I plan to put on this page... it's still forming in my head but I'm definitely excited about it. Who doesn't love to get messy with paints and mists! And silhouettes!!!! Ya BUDDY!!! Love them! So if you haven't already head over and check it out!

So here is the prompt: Find the entire post: HERE

The prompt this time around is from Glenda!!

THE PROMPT: Childhood memories
(it can be something from your own childhood or from your kids, a memory, a thought...)

THE STUFF: Glimmer mists & paint (time to get messy!)

THE TECHNIQUE: silhouettes (can be black, patterned paper, anything goes as long as it's a silhouette)

As for me.....tonight I will be crafting! Oh and will post a WOYWW

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