Thursday, December 1, 2011

Girlie Card

Hmm it's 9:00pm. I'm talking to my boyfriend via chat while he's in class, when all of a sudden it hits me! SHHHHIIIITTTTTT I totally forgot I needed to make a card for a woman's birthday tomorrow. Now if it were just a run of the mill worker I'd give her a generic card I keep at work in case I forget someones birthday, but she's a manager. She deserves something special! Only woman Manager in the company. I rush into my scrap room, I have to make a card.

Now cards normally take me about 45 minutes or so to make for the women because I put a bit more into them. Men's cards have become quite easy for me, but women.... well, I like to make them special, since there's only about 10 of them total if that that work for the company. As not too many women unless int eh office strive in a landscaping company. Anywho, I sit down and oh my.. got this card done in 20 minutes!!! I decided to take some pictures along the way to show you how I did it all.

I added some cardstock to the front of the card. Simple enough.

I then stamped over some vintage book page with a birthday stamp. I them took a sharpie and colored in one of the words.

To add a bit more, i colored in more words and then also used a colored pencil for some of it.

I then ran some pan pastels over the text to lighten the colors up a bit. I like how it lightened how bold they originally were. the colors were a bit too bold for the card background colors.

Sorry its blurry. I then added some Helmar Zap dots to the back of the text, I'm using these instead of scrap dots as i plan to add some stick pins to this card and the pins will stick well into the foam pieces.

I then cut a few vines from a Prima vine. i added them along the sentiment.

I then added a bit of staz-on to some text leaves. I love these things!

I then places the pin, leaves and butterflies on the right hand side. Then added some coordinating flowers with the script leaves peaking out slightly behind them.

I then did some stitching along the sides of the card. Added the inside pieces and did some inking and stamping. I also ran some Helmar Gemstone glue along the bottom tear and glittered it up with some vintage silver.

I then added some tim Holtz stain to a Prima resin piece.

I also took my heat gun to these lovely Prima flowers. I did this as it makes them curl up a bit around the pearl. See the finished product below to see how it worked out.. lovely affect.

Here is the finished front of the card.

Two things here. I spritzed the inside a bit with some silver tatttered angels mists and then also when the glue was drying on the glitter I took the heat gun to it to add that splattered look and then coated in glitter again.

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  1. love your card!!! you rock with creativity! doris


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